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Teachers can review a student's results across all topics and can easily assign extra practice on topics the student is struggling with. As students write essays, they receive scaffolded support, such as separate labeled sections for typing their "Introduction" and "Body paragraphs," and a sidebar full of guidance and examples. To practice topics such as "Vague and Unnecessary Language," students drag words in and out of fun sentences like “Spider-Man literally won a lifetime supply of chocolate, and his friends are jealous.”
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Designed specifically for young learners, our new adaptive skills exercises, engaging writing activities, and standards-aligned diagnostics enable elementary teachers to:

  • Create more moments of genuine learning

    • Help students develop strong writing habits

    • Gather data-driven insights into student growth

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NoRedInk has completely transformed the way I teach grammar and writing in my class. Students start each concept at their own level and learn at their own pace, and because of this type of delivery, my students not only learn grammar, they master it.

Jo Rohde, Teacher, North Dallas High School

Skill-building exercises let students restructure sentences, edit and mark up text, manipulate multi-paragraph passages, and more.

Passages allow students to choose the correct words right within each sentence, such as by clicking a highlighted word to change it from "a" to "an."

Take student achievement to the next level with NoRedInk Premium

Premium gives schools full access to NoRedInk’s writing curriculum and guided composition tools.

A wider variety of content

Exercises for 1,000+ skills, 100s of texts, prompts, and lessons, and guided practice for 10+ writing genres.

Deeper reporting insights

Standards- and assessment-based progress reports at the teacher, school, and district level.

Comprehensive support

Flexible professional development and seamless integrations with tools like Canvas, Clever, and Schoology.

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