Screenshots of a variety of grammar and writing activities available within NoRedInk, including assigning practice based on student mastery, realtime writing guidance, and more.

Unlock the power of the written word

  • Personalized, high-interest content icon

    Personalized, high-interest content

    Engage and delight students with exercises that feature interests they’ve selected themselves, including their favorite celebrities, characters, and historical figures.

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    Scalable differentiation

    Meet students where they are with adaptive exercises and scaffolded writing activities that deliver differentiated support when students get stuck at various points of the writing cycle.

  • Comprehensive writing curriculum

    Develop well-rounded writers by pairing interactive skill-building exercises with lightweight writing prompts and scaffolded essays that build writing fluency.

  • Straightforward standards alignment

    Create aligned assignments that increase student achievement by browsing skills exercises, writing activities, and diagnostics by state and national standards.

Practice exercises help students target and master key writing and grammar skills. These hands-on exercises use a variety of question types to guide students from the sentence level to the paragraph level to the passage level. Students get to drag and drop punctuation, restructure sentences, highlight claims, evidence, and reasoning, and more. Because Practice is adaptive, students see hints, lessons, and extra questions when they’re struggling and see more challenging questions when they get things right.

Students practice highlighting claims, evidence, and reasoning within a paragraph on engaging topics such as video games, and can see their progress as they work. To practice topics such as "Punctuation with Conjunctions: Coordinating," students drag punctuation marks in and out of fun sentences like “Dwayne Johnson doesn’t like alarm clocks, so he keeps a...”
“Assign Quick Write” screen, which allows users to enter a Prompt, Minimum Length, and options for grading on a rubric, manual grading on a 0-100% scale, or automatic grading based on word count. A large textbox students use to respond to the following prompt: "Dogs have a way of reflecting humans' emotions. Take a look at the dogs in the pictures. Which one best expresses the way you feel today? Write a paragraph describing your current thoughts and feelings."

Quick Writes provide a lightweight way to get students writing frequently. NoRedInk’s collection of Quick Writes features skill-building prompts, text-based prompts, novel analysis prompts, and prompts that get students writing about everything from fun hypothetical scenarios to their fondest personal memories. Quick Writes help teachers achieve a range of objectives, including developing specific writing skills, building writing fluency and stamina, and assessing understanding of course content.

Guided Drafts provide scaffolding to students throughout the writing cycle, freeing up teachers to deliver individualized support where it’s needed most. As students work on their essays, they’re reminded of important concepts and have access to genre-specific lessons, tutorials, and exemplars that help them grow as writers. NoRedInk’s Guided Draft prompts span more than 10 genres, from Narrative and Expository to Persuasive and Literary Analysis.

Students enter writing in a scaffolded structure, with separate labeled text boxes for their Title, Introduction, Body paragraphs, and Conclusion. While they write, a sidebar provides tutorials, tips, and examples. Students see guidance for writing thesis statements such as, “Think about your argument on a spectrum. You want your idea to fall right in the middle.” Students see a colored scale ranging from “Too obvious” to “Defendable” to “Not defendable,” with iconography and explanations to help reinforce each characteristic.

Teachers use NoRedInk to . . .

Elevate student voice

NoRedInk activities engage students and provide them with the guidance they need to confidently express themselves in writing.

Support language learners

NoRedInk’s flexible features equip teachers to help English language learners master English grammar and become strong writers.

Ace state test prep

NoRedInk helps teachers increase student achievement by targeting skills that align with rigorous state standards and assessments.

Students can review each other’s writing, responding to prompts like “Highlight any vague language in your classmates’ writing.” Alongside a rubric, student writing can be compared to its rough draft, helping to show what changed in the new draft.

Self Review and Peer Review activities emphasize the importance of revision in the writing cycle. During Self Review, students answer a series of questions on the substantive content of their essays, then make revisions based on their self-assessments with the support of exemplars and tips. Mastery-based Peer Review guides students through providing meaningful, actionable feedback on each other’s work.

NoRedInk gives educators access to formative and summative assessment tools that help them identify student strengths and areas for improvement and track skills growth. Planning Diagnostics and Unit Diagnostics help teachers gauge student skills at the start of a new semester or unit and decide where to focus their instruction. After a cycle of instruction, practice, and feedback, Growth Quizzes offer detailed insight into how students have progressed.

Results of a Growth Quiz show the previous class average score and the new class average score. Individual student past and new scores are shown grouped by proficiency level, with options to assign practice to students with lower new scores. NoRedInk shows student answers to questions alongside the correct answers, clearly indicating what the student answered correctly and what the student answered correctly for easy comparison.

Designed specifically for young learners, our new adaptive skills exercises, engaging writing activities, and standards-aligned diagnostics enable elementary teachers to:

  • Create more moments of genuine learning

    • Help students develop strong writing habits

    • Gather data-driven insights into student growth

Take student achievement to the next level with NoRedInk Premium

Premium gives schools full access to NoRedInk’s writing curriculum and guided composition tools.

A wider variety of content

Exercises for 1,000+ skills, 100s of texts, prompts, and lessons, and guided practice for 10+ writing genres.

Deeper reporting insights

Standards- and assessment-based progress reports at the teacher, school, and district level.

Comprehensive support

Flexible professional development and seamless integrations with tools like Canvas, Clever, and Schoology.