Our Values

Our mission is to unlock every writer’s potential. How we do that is just as important.

Put teachers and students first

We’re deeply committed to helping students learn and helping teachers do their jobs better. We work to serve our users, bringing thoughtfulness and empathy to our decisions. We care about substance and leaving a real impact. We bring tremendous passion and optimism to our work, embracing the opportunity to make a difference.

Relentlessly improve

We hold ourselves and each other to an extremely high bar. This manifests itself in our hiring, our products, our customer service, and our ethics. We’re always improving, and we’re never satisfied with our own status quo. We push ourselves because we take tremendous pride in building the best company possible and becoming the best version of ourselves.

Invest in and take care of each other

From our hiring practices to our onboarding approach to our communication style, we seek different viewpoints and perspectives, empower our colleagues, and respect each other enough to engage in difficult conversations with honesty and openness. We cultivate a supportive and nurturing environment, fostering the growth and happiness of everyone on our team.

Act with humility

We work with team goals in mind and recognize that none of us can succeed on our own. We’re willing to do more with less because we understand that frugality helps us invest in our product. We admit our mistakes, demonstrate growth mindsets, and relish the opportunity to learn from each other.

Delight in our work

We do serious work, but never lose sight of the fun in being creative, challenging ourselves, working with exceptional colleagues, and making a tremendous impact. We complement our natural drive and intensity with a positive, light-hearted, and playful attitude.

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