New in NoRedInk: Google Classroom Syncing

NoRedInk and Google Classroom logos above a product shot of NoRedInk

NoRedInk’s expanded Google Classroom integration enables teachers to quickly create classes using the students enrolled in their Google Classroom accounts.

At NoRedInk, we’re dedicated to simplifying the process of building strong writers and critical thinkers. Our pre-teaching resources, scaffolded skills exercises, and engaging writing activities are essential to this goal, but so are our efforts to ensure that technology makes teachers’ lives easier, not more complicated. To that end, we’ve deepened our Google Classroom integration to make it easier for teachers to create classes and roster students in NoRedInk.

What are the benefits of integrating NoRedInk with Google Classroom?

1. Straightforward access through Google Single Sign-on (SSO)

As with many websites that integrate with Google Classroom, NoRedInk lets teachers sign up and log in using an existing Google account. Teachers who originally signed up for NoRedInk by creating their own credentials have the option of linking their Google account to their NoRedInk account at any time. Many choose to do so since taking advantage of Google SSO means that they’ll have one fewer password to remember!

2. Streamlined class creation and rostering

NoRedInk’s expanded Google Classroom integration gives teachers an efficient way to create NoRedInk classes and roster students directly from the information in their Google Classroom account. Instead of having to manually enroll each student in a NoRedInk class, teachers are now able to sync enrollment data with Google Classroom in just a few clicks.

Once a teacher connects their NoRedInk and Google accounts, NoRedInk will automatically complete an initial sync with Google Classroom, creating new NoRedInk classes and adding students to reflect those currently enrolled in the teacher’s Google Classroom. (Note that if a teacher has already created NoRedInk classes manually prior to syncing with Google Classroom, the sync will create duplicate classes. The teacher will need to archive the manually created classes.)

If the teacher’s Google Classroom enrollment changes, they can resync their NoRedInk rosters by navigating to their “Manage Classes” page and clicking the “Sync classes from Google Classroom” button. Just like that, their NoRedInk class rosters will be up to date.

For more details about Google Classroom syncing, check out these FAQs.

3. Easy assignment sharing

Simplifying the process of getting the right NoRedInk assignments distributed to the right students is yet another reason many teachers choose to integrate with Google Classroom. Each NoRedInk activity in a teacher’s “My Assignments” dashboard includes a share button that lets the teacher send a direct link to the activity to students in their Google Classroom. If they’d like to send students notifications about the assignment, the teacher can select the “Make an announcement” option as they’re sharing the direct link.

Other NoRedInk integrations: Canvas, Clever, Schoology

In addition to integrating with Google Classroom, NoRedInk integrates with a range of other popular education platforms. For instance, if they don’t want to sync with Google Classroom, a teacher is able to install NoRedInk’s free Clever integration from the Clever Library. This integration lets teachers use Clever SSO and sync rostering data between Clever and NoRedInk.

Schools or districts that purchase NoRedInk Premium licenses have the option of integrating NoRedInk with any one of the following tools:

  • Canvas: This integration enables teachers to create NoRedInk activities and assign them to students on their Canvas rosters from within their Canvas interface. Students’ scores on NoRedInk assignments will automatically sync with teachers’ Canvas gradebooks.
  • Clever: This integration draws on the data in a school’s or district’s student information system to create NoRedInk classes and update their enrollment every 24 hours. Students are automatically enrolled in the correct NoRedInk class(es) once they log in to NoRedInk via Clever.
  • Schoology: Much like NoRedInk’s Canvas integration, this integration enables teachers to create NoRedInk activities from within their Schoology interface and assign them to students on their Schoology rosters. NoRedInk scores will automatically sync with teachers’ Schoology gradebooks.

Unlock the power of the written word with NoRedInk

NoRedInk’s free online writing curriculum facilitates effective instruction by helping teachers engage students through modeling, scaffolding, practice, and feedback. Ultimately, tools like NoRedInk and Google Classroom increase access to high-quality instructional materials and create a variety of process efficiencies.

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Eman works with NoRedInk’s integrations team to make sure educators have easy access to all the information they need without having to context-change between different LMS. Prior to NoRedInk, Eman led integrations initiatives at, helping users stay focused, aligned, and efficient. In her free time, Eman enjoys spending time with her dog, reading historical fiction, and experimenting with vegan recipes.