Shadow Ridge Middle School uses NoRedInk to help its 7th graders improve their grammar and writing skills. To gauge NoRedInk’s impact on student learning, they requested a study on the correlation between program usage/performance and growth on their MAP® Language Usage test scores. They were elated with the results:

“The percentage of my students meeting or exceeding growth is the best I’ve seen in 10 years.”

Merris Pincsak, 7th Grade Teacher

Thirty-six percent of students in the study grew by at least 2 grade levels.

“Our data showed significant gains with students who were using NoRedInk. The program is effective because it’s personalized to their interests and adapts based on what they already know and what they still need to work on.”

Chris Lorenz, Technology Coach

Each 10-percentage-point increase in performance on NoRedInk is linked with more than one grade level of growth on the MAP® Language Usage Test.

“For me, the most powerful benefit of NoRedInk has been seeing the skills my students were learning on NoRedInk transfer into their everyday writing.”

Susan Smith, ESL teacher