NoRedInk for Grades 3-5

A comprehensive, engaging writing and grammar platform for upper elementary.

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Proven instructional resources, now for elementary ELA

For over a decade, NoRedInk has been simplifying the process of building strong writers and critical thinkers in middle schools and high schools across the country. Now, teachers in Grades 3–5 have access to a new version of our free online writing curriculum that’s designed specifically for elementary learners.

Skills exercises

Adaptive exercises include video-based tutorials and targeted scaffolding.

Writing activities

Wide-ranging prompts boost writing fluency and let students apply skills in context.

Standards alignment

Flexible diagnostics provide data on student mastery of standards-aligned skills.

Teachers in Grades 3–5 use NoRedInk to . . .

Create more moments of genuine learning

  • Scaffolded remediation that guides students through the questions experienced writers ask themselves.

  • A mastery-based approach that incentivizes skill development over hasty assignment completion.

  • Adaptive exercises whose length and difficulty adjust in response to each student’s performance.

Generate sustained excitement about ELA

  • Skills exercises that incorporate each student’s interests, including their favorite celebrities, characters, and pets.

  • Humorous question content and writing prompts that keep students laughing while they’re learning.

  • Interactive tutorials that use images, videos, and text to introduce key writing and grammar concepts.

Help students develop strong writing habits

  • Guided writing activities that support students as they build paragraphs sentence by sentence.

  • Skill-application activities that enable students to incorporate what they’ve learned into their own writing.

  • Modules that streamline instructional planning by providing sequenced activities targeting specific learning objectives.

Image of NoRedInk Guided Short Response activity
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What do educators think about NoRedInk?

NoRedInk’s exercises not only adapt to my students’ levels, but make them laugh as they do their work. It’s exactly the kind of program every teacher dreams of.

Teacher, Veterans Memorial Elementary School, Rhode Island

Take student writing to the next level with NoRedInk Premium

Premium gives schools full access to NoRedInk’s extensive writing platform.

A wider variety of content

Four times the amount of learning content, including more skills exercises, writing prompts, and tutorials.

Deeper reporting insights

Standards- and assessment-based progress reports at the teacher, school, and district level.

Comprehensive support

Flexible professional development and seamless integrations with tools like Canvas, Clever, and Schoology.

NoRedInk is used in 60% of US school districts